Dr. Brogan Maoate

Tend Linwood Medical Centre

Dr. Brogan is a highly skilled and compassionate GP. After completing her training at the University of Otago in Dunedin and Christchurch, she spent three years honing her clinical skills in Tauranga as a junior doctor. Her time there saw her immersed in various departments, including obstetrics and gynaecology, and paediatrics. Recently she's returned home to Christchurch after working and living in Australia and is currently completing her RNZCGP training program.

Brogan has an interest in children's health, women's health, and Pacific health. Her affinity for paediatric care and women's health originates from a genuine passion for working with infants, children, and women, ensuring their unique health needs are met. As a person of Cook Island descent, Brogan is particularly vested in Pacific health and is committed to making meaningful contributions to her community in the long term.

She enjoys the opportunity to meet a diverse range of patients and values the continuous relationships she develops with individuals and their families. Additionally, she likes working collaboratively, appreciating the teamwork with health professionals at Tend Linwood and across the Canterbury healthcare community.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She is an enthusiast of the outdoors, often found walking and appreciating the natural beauty of Aotearoa.

I really enjoy working with babies and children, as well as women's health. I am of Cook Island descent so I hope to work more with Pacific Health and contribute towards my community more in the long term.
Children's health
Children's health covers everything related to keeping kids physically and mentally well, from birth to adolescence, including regular check-ups, vaccinations, and addressing common childhood issues.
Women's health
Women's health focuses on both common and unique aspects, including reproductive health, breast health, gynecological concerns, hormonal changes and mental health.