Meagan Halpin

Chief People Officer
Raised and educated in the USA, Meagan has spent more than 20 years in people-focused roles, and thrives on leading HR practices that grow talent and drive company performance. At Tend, Meagan ensures we have the best people practices to engage top talent and deliver the best healthcare experiences.

After relocating from New York City to Auckland in 2016, Meagan spent 5 years on the leadership team at My Food Bag before joining Tend.  Prior to that she spent more than a decade building and leading the people team for an advertising agency, and also has experience in education, e-commerce, and legal companies.  Anyone who works with her will find that Meagan has an authentic blend of honesty, ethics, and fair-mindedness, balanced with an easy laugh and warm demeanor.

Meagan is an adventurer, fan of live music, Olympic Games fanatic, and can often be found swimming and or playing tennis in the eastern bays.