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Tend Pakuranga clinic
We imagine a future where our tamariki and whānau have access to world-class healthcare in Aotearoa, supported by a workforce that uses globally leading systems and technology.

Built by Kiwis for Kiwis

Our vision is to build a better healthcare experience that provides accessible, equitable, and smart primary care designed around your patients and their whānau.  

We bring new technology and a distinctive model of care that has been designed to solve some of the pressures faced in the healthcare system by both clinicians and patients. A model where all the dots in healthcare are connected, from routine check ups to specialist referrals. 

This all reduces the burden ensuring clinicians have the time to actually tend to patients and provide care that meets their needs.

We’re committed to addressing the inequities in access for Māori and underserved communities, such as LGBTQI+ and those living remotely, by providing care that is convenient and accessible through the Tend platform and in our clinics.

Chris holding up phone showing Tend app with Dr Mataroria
It is important for us to partner with people that share our purpose of helping Kiwis become the healthiest people in the world.  

Does this sound like what you want for your patients?

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6 reasons to partner with Tend

Smarter and faster technology

The app streamlines customer, clinical, operational and administration processes as well as supporting better health outcomes.
Rich and robust data and a unified digital health record, drives analytics and insights for improved healthcare.
More than 80% of our customers use the app to manage their health
Flexible hours and locations
Clinicians have the option to work from home or at one of our modern clinics. 
Flexible rosters allow for better family balance.
In a recent staff survey, 100% of all staff said that Tend provides them with a supportive and flexible work environment
Teamwork and collaboration
Clinicians are part of a care team, with workload shared best suited to skill sets.
"I really love working with more than just health professionals, I find it inspiring.” - Tend clinician
More effective administration
We have seen a 90% reduction in call volumes from people ringing in to book in a medical service such as an immunisation. 
Our dedicated central clinic team that supports our frontline care teams, relieving them of administrative burdens.
It takes a patient less than 30 seconds to self order a repeat medication in the app.
Happy customers
Latest customer satisfaction results show 96% of patients felt their needs were met in their most recent consultation.
77% of Tend patients use the test results feature to check their results
In a recent clinic integration, customer satisfaction increased from 86.8% to 92.7%
Happy clinicians
In our most recent workplace survey 97% of clinicians would recommend Tend as a great place to work.  
Since launching the test results feature we have seen a 59% in reduction in clinician workload for messaging patients

Four steps to a smooth integration 

1. Get to know each other in person
Let's get together in person at your practice and get to know your practice, your team and your patient community.  We can discuss your goals and share our vision. Email us at
2. Indicative offer and letter of intent
If our goals are aligned, we will request documents to help us put together an indicative estimate. We will also prepare a letter of intent that records key points in the transaction such as purchase price and suggested timing of the transaction and subsequent integration.   
3. Purchase agreement
If agreed, we will prepare a purchase agreement. Prior to putting together this agreement we may require more documentation and further site visits.

4. Clinic handover and integration
Execution of the purchase agreement occurs when all parties have signed. From this point we will plan the clinic handover and integration into Tend based on agreed timings. We have a dedicated integration team who will step through the handover process with you.

What our partners and clinicians have to say