Injury and ACC

If you’ve injured yourself or had an accident we're here for you. We'll support your recovery while you get better.
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If you’ve injured yourself, we can provide an assessment and treatment at our clinic, and will develop a care plan to support your recovery.  If your claim is approved by ACC, we’ll work with them to make sure they contribute to the cost of your doctor visits and treatments are covered.

Will I be covered by ACC?

To be eligible for ACC, your injury must be caused by an accident.  Not all injuries are covered, for example, illness or contagious disease, stress and emotional issues (unless caused by your work), or conditions that occur over time, or by ageing.  

To find out if you’re eligible for ACC, book an online or in-person appointment and we’ll talk you through the steps involved, and we'll be able to give you an idea of whether you’re covered, based on ACC guidelines.

If your condition requires specialist consultation or treatment, we can refer you to a medically trained and registered healthcare professional to give you the specialist care you need to get better.

Generally, specialists require that you see a doctor first, so they can refer you. We can get the process started with an online or in-person appointment, whichever suits you best.

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Medical certificates

See a doctor for an off-work sick note or a medical certificate for WINZ


We're here to assist you in connecting with medical specialists, labs, and x-rays.

Sutures, suction and wound

See a clinician for wound dressings, ear wax removal, removal of sutures/staples and ingrown toe nail surgery.