Immunisations, injections & infusions

Vaccinations provide protection against serious illnesses, from the flu to the measles. Injections and infusions are a form of medication.  
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Nurse Jess hi fiving a 2 year old girl sitting on mother's lap
Vaccines are like superheroes, protecting us from harmful diseases! They're crucial for keeping us and our communities healthy. By getting immunised, we build a shield against illnesses and help stop their spread. It's not just about our own health but also about looking out for each other.

6-week baby immunisations

The 6-week immunisation is the first of the national childhood vaccination schedule. Your baby will get 3 vaccinations at this appointment.

This vaccine is free and needs to be administered in clinic. You can book this service in the app under services.

6 week old baby sleeping

Childhood immunisations

Up until the age of 12, all Kiwi children are funded under the National Immunisation Schedule.

These free routine vaccinations are important to keep your child protected from diseases like measles, mumps and rubella.

If you're enrolled with us you'll receive app notifications when these are due. You can then book them via the app under services.

Your child does not need to be enrolled with us for us to give these vaccines.

Nurse Jess giving 2 year old baby Rosie her immunisations

Flu vaccine

Book in with a nurse for your annual flu vaccination. This vaccination is free for eligible patients.

The best time to get your flu vaccine is autumn, before the winter season. You do not need to be enrolled with us to get this vaccine.

Elderly woman wearing a facemask getting her flu shot by male doctor

Travel vaccines

If you're travelling overseas you may require vaccinations to protect yourself against diseases specific to your destination.

You'll need to book an appointment with a clinician first to discuss which vaccines you need.

You can then see a nurse and book in for your vaccinations. It's recommended to book your travel immunisations 8-10 weeks before you travel to allow your body to develop immunity and be fully protected. Sometimes you may need more than one dose, so might need extra time to space them apart.

The administering of travel vaccines is bookable in the app and open to enrolled and casual patients.

Nurse Nicky welcoming young adult woman into Tend Symonds Street Clinic
Sometimes your doctor might recommend an infusion or injection as a form of medication. Many of these are bookable in the app under services.  


For injections of medicines like B12, Kenacort allergy or Kenacort joint you can book this service in the app.

Our nurses can administer these injections, but you'll need to have a current prescription from your clinician.

You do not need to be enrolled for Kenacort injections.

Asian woman being injected with medicine by a nurse


If you have low bone density you might be offered an Aclasta infusion. You'll need to have a current prescription from your clinician

If you have low iron levels you might be treated with an iron infusion. Our nurses can administer this infusion however you'll need to have had an appointment with a clinician before the infusion and have a current prescription for Ferinject.  

For all infusions you need to be an enrolled patient to book.

Close up of an IV infusion on an arm

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Health check-ups and tests

See a doctor or nurse for an annual health check up, blood pressure test or electrocardiogram (ECG)


We're here to assist you in connecting with medical specialists, labs, and x-rays.

Sutures, suction and wound

See a clinician for wound dressings, ear wax removal, removal of sutures/staples and ingrown toe nail surgery.