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Argh! Run out of your regular meds and need an urgent script? We can help with online prescriptions.
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Repeat online prescriptions make it easy to stay on top of your medication

If you are running low on your regular medication and have not been able to get a repeat from your regular GP, an urgent online repeat prescription for a short dose might be able to be issued by our team to see you through.

Getting an online prescription

To get an online prescription, you’ll need to see a Tend doctor so we can understand your medical condition and discuss your treatment options.  

Our Online Now doctor service is perfect for these situations as we usually have same-day appointments available.

You can select your preferred pharmacy in the app and our team will have your prescription sent directly to the pharmacy for you to pick up.

It is important to note that the issuing of prescriptions is at the discretion of the doctor.

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Controlled medication

The prescribing of controlled medications such as strong pain killers, sedatives and stimulants require close monitoring by your regular GP. As a result these cannot normally be prescribed by our online clinicians unless you are enrolled with Tend and we have visibility of your health records.

Managing repeats and prescriptions

Learn more about getting a repeat prescription with Tend, ordering repeats, use of antibiotics and the types of medications that can be prescribed online.

Hassle-free online prescriptions with Tend

We're all about making your healthcare journey smooth and stress-free. Need an online prescription or a refill? No worries, we’ll have you sorted quickly and safely. Remember, managing your health should be easy and accessible. So, why wait? Hop onto an online consultation and see how we can help
you today – your wellness is our priority, and we're here to keep it simple for you.

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Medical certificates

See a doctor for an off-work sick note or a medical certificate for WINZ

Prescriptions and repeats

Need medication? We can issue prescriptions and repeats through online or in clinic doctor appointments.

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