If your condition requires specialist consultation, a physio, x-ray or more tests we can refer you and work with them on your care.
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For many referrals you need to see your family doctor first. This is so your GP can assess your condition and discuss all the options with you before you get referred. Referrals might be to a specialist, more tests or another health practitioner like a physiotherapist.  

Is an online doctor's appointment suitable for a referral?

In most cases we can get the process started with an online doctor's appointment. To book a referral you will need to book a standard 15 minute consultation with a clinician. Check out our clinicians, some of them may have a special area of interest in your condition.

How do referrals work?

Once you've seen a GP and been referred you'll have an appointment with the specialist or other healthcare professional. They will assess your condition and recommend the best care for you. As part of the referral, you may be asked to fill out an 'Impact on Life Questionnaire' to give a clear picture of how, and to what extent, your condition impacts your daily life.

You may be required to undertake more tests or a course of medication after which you may need to be reviewed again.

Once they have a fair and full understanding of your condition, they'll be able to recommend the best course of treatment for you, if previous treatments haven't been successful.

Will my referral treatment be covered by ACC or insurance?

It depends on your situation. When you book your appointment with your referral provider we recommend checking with them as to whether your appointment is covered by ACC or health insurance.

We'll do our best to refer to you the most appropriate provider, but it's also important that you check if your injury or condition is covered.

Referrals to physiotherapists and other specialists are often subsidised, however the amount of cover can vary and so it's always best to get this information directly from your specialist.

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