What's your health personality?

5 min read
Tend Health

28 November 2023

When it comes to health; are you squeamish or a health junkie? Take our fun quiz to discover your health personality and unlock helpful tips on how to stay on top of your health.


There are six health personalities. Find out if you are...

1. Health shy. Your preferred idea of a health screening is an episode of Shortland Street, Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs. There’s enough comedy and drama packed into those shows without needing your own health check up to amp things up!

2. A fencesitter. If there’s a fence around, you can generally be found sitting on it, and it turns out you’ve probably been sitting there for quite a long time when it comes to your health.

3. Carefree. Your friends love you! You’re the one that’s most fun to invite around for a glass of wine or beer - maybe a couple. But, everything in moderation is your mantra, and you know your limits.

4. After a quick fix. If there was a “magic bullet” pill that gave you every health-booster possible, fair to say it’d be sitting in your hot little hand, squarely between your fitness ring and smart watch!

5. A health investigator. For you it is important to know all the facts. There’s nothing that will stand in the way of you and a bit of independent research (hello, Dr Google!)

6. Health passionate. There’s a new book about sleep science on your bedside cabinet, next to the Himalayan salt lamp, and a meal is not complete without a side of flaxseed oil!

Take the quiz and find out!

Disclaimer: This is a fun quiz, it is not intended in any way to diagnose or treat any condition or provide health advice. This quiz is anonymous and does not collect your personal health information. The circumstances described in this quiz are hypothetical and are not intended to create expectations of health outcomes or recommend that you take any particular actions.  There is no judgement or pressure on you to use Tend's services if you do not want to, but if you have any health concerns you can talk to one of our doctors.