Tend Health goes nationwide

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Tend Media

20 September 2023

Improved access to healthcare has just got one step closer with the launch of a nationwide online primary care service by innovative healthcare provider Tend Health.

Accessible via the Tend app, the online walk-in primary care service aims to address immediate healthcare needs that cannot wait for a regular GP appointment. The service is available throughout Aotearoa, ensuring access to timely and essential medical care, regardless of location.

Cecilia Robinson, Co-CEO of Tend Health, expressed her conviction in the new offering saying, "Tend Health is committed to transforming healthcare accessibility for all New Zealanders. Our online walk-in primary care service is a direct response to the pressing need for immediate medical attention that falls outside the scope of routine GP appointments.

“With this service, we aim to provide prompt care, reduce long wait times, and ease the strain on urgent care clinics and emergency departments for conditions that can be safely managed online.“

Appointments are available seven days a week, until 9pm. People needing care can easily access the service by downloading the Tend app, selecting "See the next available GP," and instantly seeing an estimated appointment time.  A qualified clinician will promptly call patients back once they reach the top of the queue.

The service is designed for individuals seeking care for immediate or one-off conditions, with appointments lasting up to 10 minutes. It is suitable for immediate needs, such as urgent prescriptions, medical certificates, cold and flu symptoms, urinary tract infections, skin irritations, eye issues, allergies, digestive concerns, vomiting, acid reflux, sprains, strains, and emergency contraception.

While the service offers convenience and efficiency, it's important to note that it doesn't replace a patient's regular family doctor. Additionally, it's not suitable for WINZ certificates or urgent emergency situations where immediate attention may be required.

Casual patients will be charged a fee of $79 for their appointments, while enrolled Tend patients will pay their regular enrolled patient fee.

The launch follows the recent acquisition of four clinics in the Bay of Plenty, and sits alongside Tend’s three medical centres in Auckland. Tend also has part ownership in 17 clinics across the South Island.

Tend Health is driven by a purpose to help New Zealanders be the healthiest people in the world. "We are doing this to provide more patients with the care they need, when they need it. Our aim is to make healthcare more accessible to everyone, no matter where they live," says Cecilia.

By launching this online walk-in primary care service, the company reaffirms its commitment to innovation, accessibility, and patient-centred care.