Tend Pāpāmoa Medical Centre is now open!

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Tend Health

The much-anticipated opening of Tend Pāpāmoa Medical Centre was marked by a special ceremony on Friday led by respected kaumātua and leadership from Ngāi Te Rangi, who blessed the site with a karakia. The new clinic, which will officially open its doors on June 10, 2024, represents a fresh chapter in the provision of healthcare services to the Pāpāmoa community.

"As one journey ends, another one begins to provide more accessible and equitable healthcare," said Dr Mataroria Lyndon, co-founder of Tend acknowledging the closure of the previous Pāpāmoa Pines Medical Centre and the beginning of Tend Pāpāmoa. 

Kaumātua and leadership from Ngāi Te Rangi and Dr Mataroria Lyndon, Joe Rosser from Tend Health.

The recent closure of Pāpāmoa Pines Medical Centre in early March 2024 highlighted the urgent need for additional healthcare services in the area, a need that the new Tend Pāpāmoa clinic aims to address. 

As winter approaches, the strain on New Zealand's healthcare system becomes increasingly evident. With GP resources stretched to their limits, the opening of a new medical clinic in Pāpāmoa is a welcome relief for patients, manawhenua, and the wider community.

New Zealand has been grappling with a critical shortage of General Practitioners (GPs) for several years. The pressures on the healthcare system are particularly pronounced in rapidly growing areas like Pāpāmoa, where the demand for medical services often outstrips supply. This imbalance has led to longer wait times, reduced access to care, and increased stress on existing medical facilities and staff.

The opening of Tend Pāpāmoa comes at a critical juncture, says Cecilia Robinson, Founder and Co-CEO of Tend Health. “As winter illnesses begin to surge, the availability of a new medical facility is incredibly exciting and provides a beacon of hope for residents. Our goal is to ensure that the Pāpāmoa community have access to timely and high-quality medical care, especially as we head into winter when demand for healthcare services typically increases."

Tend Health is known for its innovative approach to healthcare delivery, leveraging technology to improve patient access and reduce administrative burdens on clinicians. The new clinic will incorporate these innovations, making healthcare more convenient and accessible.

The Tend Pāpāmoa Medical Centre will also offer digital healthcare services, which have proven to be highly effective in reducing wait times. The "Online Now" urgent care service, for example, offers virtual appointments, this service will be crucial during the winter months, allowing patients to timely access 7am to 9pm seven days a week.

"Our commitment to delivering the best healthcare experiences is at the very heart of what we do. We believe healthcare should be equitable, accessible, and designed for you and your whānau," Robinson concluded. "We hope that the opening of Tend Pāpāmoa, coupled with the recent integration of Tend Bethlehem, Tend Greerton and Tend South City in the Bay of Plenty, offers hope to the local community."