Dr. Bridget Louie

Tend Greerton Medical Centre

Dr. Bridget Louie is a general practitioner with over 21 years of medical practice. She began her medical career by holding House Officer and Senior Medical Officer positions in Dunedin and Hamilton. Bridget studied medicine at Otago University and holds postgraduate diplomas in child health, obstetrics and medical gynaecology. She is also a fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

Bridget has a diverse range of special interests, including general practice, paediatrics, and women's health. With her extensive experience, she is well-equipped to cater to patients of all ages, from children and teenagers to the elderly. As a woman and a mother of three children, she brings a unique perspective to her work and understands the specific needs of women and families.

Working as a clinician, Bridget finds great satisfaction in the variety of her work. She appreciates the opportunity to get to know her patients and their families and values the continuity of care that she can provide. 

Outside of work, she spends her free time gardening, mountain biking, spending time with her family, and is an active member with her local church.

I enjoy getting to know patients and their families and appreciate the opportunity for continuity of care.
Children's health
Children's health covers everything related to keeping kids physically and mentally well, from birth to adolescence, including regular check-ups, vaccinations, and addressing common childhood issues.
Women's health
Women's health focuses on both common and unique aspects, including reproductive health, breast health, gynecological concerns, hormonal changes and mental health.
Pregnancy care
Pregnancy care involves medical and emotional support for a woman when she's expecting a baby, making sure both the mother and baby stay healthy throughout the pregnancy.