Dr. Jane Heatherington

BM BS Nottingham University
Tend Linwood Medical Centre

Dr Jane Heatherington has been a GP at Tend Linwood since 2005. With her extensive medical training from the United Kingdom, she offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. Before setting her roots in this community, Jane dedicated seven years of her career to serving patients in Wellington then moved to Christchurch to be with her Kiwi husband and have 2 daughters. 

A passionate advocate for fostering long-term relationships with her patients, Jane is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles. She places an emphasis on supporting individuals in reducing their medication load, a testament to her holistic approach to healthcare. 

Over the years, Jane has played a critical role in shaping the next generation of GPs in Christchurch. Her contributions to teaching span across educating medical students, house officers, and registrars.

In her spare time, Jane embraces the great outdoors with enthusiasm. She loves Park Run, orienteering and rogaining in the Port Hills.

I enjoy the long term relationships with my patients, and promoting healthy lifestyle and enjoy supporting people to reduce their medication load.
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