Hannah Holland

Tend Symonds Street Medical Centre

Hannah is a dedicated healthcare professional with years of experience.

Since graduating in 2015, she’s been actively working as a practice nurse, gaining valuable experience in Pukekohe and Auckland central.

Hannah’s passion lies in several special areas of interest, including wound care, women’s health, skin checks, immunisations, and education. She’s driven by a desire to increase accessibility and equitable access to healthcare for all individuals. By focusing on these areas, Hannah ensures that patients receive comprehensive care while empowering them with the necessary knowledge to improve their well-being.

As a clinician, Hannah finds fulfillment in collaborating with her clients and their whānau to deliver the personalised care they need and support them in achieving their health goals. She takes pride in building strong relationships with her patients, fostering a trusting environment that encourages open communication and shared decision-making.

Outside of work, Hannah enjoys spending quality time with her whānau and friends. She also has a spirit for adventure, embracing the opportunity to travel and explore new places. In addition, she finds relaxation and creativity in activities such as sewing and wood turning.

I enjoy working with patients and their whānau to provide the healthcare they require, and help them work towards their health goals together.
Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with skin, hair, and nail health, focusing on diagnosing and treating various skin conditions and keeping the skin in good shape.
Immunisations, also called vaccines, are shots or medicines given to protect you from certain diseases by teaching your immune system how to fight them.
Women's health
Women's health focuses on both common and unique aspects, including reproductive health, breast health, gynecological concerns, hormonal changes and mental health.