Ioana Enache

Tend Linwood Medical Centre

Ioana brings a decade of experience to her role as a nurse. She initially served at Christchurch Hospital in the General Surgery/Gastroenterology department until 2020 before joining Tend Linwood in 2021. 

With a special interest in women's health, Ioana is passionate about supporting women who often put their health needs aside for their families, providing them with the care and attention they need to maintain their well-being.

Ioana's work as a clinician is driven by her love for interacting with patients from diverse backgrounds, offering them support and education to make informed health decisions. 

Outside of her professional life, she enjoys playing tennis, baking, traveling, and spending quality time with her family.

Women often overlook their health needs or concerns to prioritise that of their families', so it is nice to provide support and ensure they maintain their health in order to be there for their families.
Women's health
Women's health focuses on both common and unique aspects, including reproductive health, breast health, gynecological concerns, hormonal changes and mental health.