Jeanette Chung

Tend Kingsland Medical Centre

Jeanette is a highly qualified nurse who completed her NetP programme in Primary Health Care (General Practice Nursing) and has since been dedicated to providing top-quality care to her patients.

She comes from a big whānau being the oldest of 7 kids and have always loved being a second mother to her siblings. She finds joy in supporting new māmās out with their pēpi/s in their motherhood journey and making sure they feel supported. Jeanette loves making connections with her patients and ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her younger siblings, crocheting, going on road trips with her partner, tending to her houseplants and garden, and op-shopping for home décor.

Supporting new māmās out with their pēpi/s brings me joy when they know they’re not alone in their motherhood journey.
Children's health
Children's health covers everything related to keeping kids physically and mentally well, from birth to adolescence, including regular check-ups, vaccinations, and addressing common childhood issues.
Chronic health
Chronic health conditions are long-lasting illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure that need ongoing care and management to help people live as healthy as possible.
Immunisations, also called vaccines, are shots or medicines given to protect you from certain diseases by teaching your immune system how to fight them.
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Maternal health is the care and support provided to pregnant women and new mothers to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period.
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