Julia Brookes

PG Cert (Prescribing)
PGDip Clin Pharm
BSC (Nutrition)
Tend Pakuranga Medical Centre

Julia is a highly experienced pharmacist with over 20 years of expertise in the field. She holds post-graduate qualifications that have enabled her to develop an advanced scope of practice as a Prescriber. For the past 6 years, Julia has been actively involved as a Prescriber and Clinical Advisory Pharmacist for Te Whatu Ora/Health New Zealand, working in both primary care and in Waitemata’s hospitals.

Julia’s special areas of interest lie in Medicines Optimisation, where she focuses on ensuring individuals are receiving the most suitable medications at appropriate dosages with proper monitoring. Within this domain, she has a particular interest in Older Adults medicine (Geriatrics), Residential Aged Care, and Nutritional Medicine. Julia is driven by the knowledge that older adults are more susceptible to adverse reactions to medications while also dealing with complex health needs that often require multiple medications. She finds this area of practice incredibly rewarding as she can make a tangible difference in the quality of life and health outcomes for her patients.

As a clinician, Julia thoroughly enjoys the “human connection” aspect of her work. Interacting directly with people and witnessing the positive impact she can have on their health outcomes is both meaningful and fulfilling to her. She views her role as a way to give back to the community, while also supporting her colleagues in their efforts to improve healthcare in New Zealand.

Outside of work, Julia leads a busy life as a mother to two boys and a beloved dog named ‘Honey’. She cherishes the natural beauty of New Zealand and takes advantage of the accessibility of the outdoors. You can often find her hiking, camping, or sailing during her free time. In addition, she embraces the joy of gardening and can often be found cheering from the sidelines of her kids’ sports fields on the weekends.

I love the 'human connection' of working directly with people to improve their health outcomes! It's meaningful and fulfilling work that makes me feel like I'm giving back to the community and supporting my colleagues to the betterment of New Zealanders.
Nutrition is all about eating the right foods to keep your body healthy and functioning properly.
Older people's health
Older people's health is about looking after the well-being of seniors, addressing their specific health needs, and helping them stay active and independent as they age.