Katie Mullord

PGDip RN Prescribing
Tend Linwood Medical Centre

Katie is a compassionate registered nurse prescriber with a rich blend of experience in the medical field. Nurse prescribers undergo additional training to be able to prescribe medication and are integral to the care team. She has honed her skills in a variety of dynamic environments, encompassing hospital-based and community paediatrics, urgent care, as well as sexual health and contraception.

Special areas of interest for Katie lie in youth health, sexual health, contraception and gender-affirming care. She enjoys leveraging her knowledge to deliver exceptional care to a demographic that not only faces unique challenges but also represents the future of the community she serves.

Outside of nursing, Katie is a lover of life's simpler joys. She loves spending quality time with her family, friends, and her beloved dog.

I enjoy being able to make something better for someone, fixing a problem and helping to improve access to care.
Sexual health
Sexual health involves maintaining well-being in your sexual life, including safe sex practices, using contraception when needed, and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Women's health
Women's health focuses on both common and unique aspects, including reproductive health, breast health, gynecological concerns, hormonal changes and mental health.
LGBTQIA+ health
LGBTQIA+ health focuses on the well-being of individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, or other diverse gender and sexual orientations, addressing their unique healthcare needs and supporting their physical and mental health.