Maria Mao

Tend Pakuranga Medical Centre

Maria is an experienced registered nurse who has been working as a practice nurse since graduating in 2014.

She’s worked on a medical ward in China and completed a certificate in diabetes care and management in 2015, further enhancing her ability to support patients with long-term conditions.

Her areas of interests include screening and immunisations, health education and long term conditions. Maria is drawn to these areas because she believes that through screening and immunisation, many diseases can be prevented or detected early.

Additionally, health education empowers patients to make healthier choices, improving their overall well-being.As a nurse, Maria is passionate about promoting health and supporting patients from various backgrounds. She finds her role as a practice nurse fulfilling and rewarding, as she helps patients make healthier choices and improve their overall well-being.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys reading, running, gardening, and spending time with her family.

As a practice nurse, my passion lies in promoting health through screening, immunisations, and health education, with a focus on long-term conditions. I believe that through these efforts, we can prevent or detect diseases early and empower patients to make healthier choices for their well-being.
Chronic health
Chronic health conditions are long-lasting illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure that need ongoing care and management to help people live as healthy as possible.
Diabetes is a medical condition where your body has trouble regulating the sugar in your blood, which can lead to health problems, and it often requires managing blood sugar levels through diet, exercise, and sometimes medication.
Immunisations, also called vaccines, are shots or medicines given to protect you from certain diseases by teaching your immune system how to fight them.