Mary Goldfinch

Tend Pakuranga Medical Centre

Mary Goldfinch is a highly skilled nurse with a wealth of experience in the medical field. She obtained her primary medical qualification, Dip Comp Nursing, from Auckland Technical Institute of Technology, graduating in 1984.

Mary's extensive training includes comprehensive nursing and community nurse prescribing, as well as a postgraduate paper in diabetes and youth health training including HEADSS assessment.

While Mary possesses a broad range of expertise, her special areas of interest lie in mental health, sexual health, travel health and vaccinations, cervical screening, asthma and diabetes, long-term care, dermatology, family health, spirometry, minor surgery, and wound care. These areas hold great significance to Mary due to her extensive experience and confidence, having successfully led numerous nurse-led clinics in these domains.

Mary's true passion lies in working closely with individuals and their whānau, empowering them towards achieving optimal wellness encompassing physical, emotional, mental, social, cultural, and spiritual health.

During her spare time outside of work, Mary indulges in various activities. She enjoys the tranquility of tramping, cherishes quality time with her family, finds solace in reading, and nurtures her green thumb through gardening.

I love working with individuals and their whānau to empower them towards optimal wellness which includes physical, emotional, mental, social, cultural and spiritual health.
Older people's health
Older people's health is about looking after the well-being of seniors, addressing their specific health needs, and helping them stay active and independent as they age.
Diabetes is a medical condition where your body has trouble regulating the sugar in your blood, which can lead to health problems, and it often requires managing blood sugar levels through diet, exercise, and sometimes medication.
Mental health
Mental health, which relates to your emotional well-being, includes how you feel inside, like dealing with things such as depression, anxiety, and stress.
Sexual health
Sexual health involves maintaining well-being in your sexual life, including safe sex practices, using contraception when needed, and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Women's health
Women's health focuses on both common and unique aspects, including reproductive health, breast health, gynecological concerns, hormonal changes and mental health.
Wound care
Wound care is the process of cleaning, treating, and protecting injuries like cuts and scrapes to help them heal properly and prevent infection.