Dr. Mohammad Abu Dalu

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Dr. Mohammad is a dedicated and experienced medical professional who began his journey in the field by obtaining a medical degree from October 6th University in Egypt in 2013.

He proceeded with his postgraduate training in Jerusalem, Israel in 2015. Dr. Mohammad has accumulated a wealth of experience as a General Practitioner at Clalit health services clinics in Jerusalem and Haifa, and as an emergency/after-hours family doctor at Terem Medical Centre.

In 2019, Dr. Mohammad decided to move to New Zealand and continued his practice as a local GP. His background in working with diverse populations in multicultural and religiously diverse cities has allowed him to hone his skills in empathetic communication and cultural sensitivity. Dr. Mohammad places great emphasis on understanding and respecting the cultural and religious aspects of each patient during their appointments.

As a clinician, Dr. Mohammad finds great satisfaction in helping others and building strong relationships with his patients to provide the highest quality medical care. In addition to his professional endeavors, he is also committed to giving back to his Muslim community. In 2021, he established the Asturlab Cultural Centre, a charity that he actively nurtures and expands. When not working or volunteering, Dr. Mohammad enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family.

Through my training and work experience in cities that are multicultural and religiously diverse, I gained important skills in respectful and empathetic communication with people from a wide variety of cultures, races and religions. This insight has given me a distinct advantage in my career and I value the importance of being attentive to and understanding of a patient’s cultural and/or religious aspects, during each appointment.
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