Dr. Moushumi Das

PGDip (ClinEd)
Tend Online

Dr. Moushumi has joined the Tend whānau as a GP and brings with her a wealth of experience, having worked in internal medicine, surgery, and general practice.

She has a particular interest in skin conditions and is passionate about supporting the physical and mental health of her patients.

During her free time, Moushumi enjoys exploring the great outdoors and hiking with her partner. Additionally, she satisfies her passion for music and the arts by tinkering around on a few instruments.

I believe a positive health experience is all about the quality of relationship you have with your GP. The opportunity to connect with you and develop the next steps together, is an exciting one!
Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with skin, hair, and nail health, focusing on diagnosing and treating various skin conditions and keeping the skin in good shape.
Mental health
Mental health, which relates to your emotional well-being, includes how you feel inside, like dealing with things such as depression, anxiety, and stress.