Dr. Nigel Tay

Tend Pakuranga Medical Centre
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Nigel completed his undergraduate studies in Singapore, then worked in general practice and was also in the military for 2 years. Additionally, he worked as a diving medic in the navy. 

In 2017 he moved to New Zealand and finished his urgent care fellowship in 2020.

Nigel's areas of interest include skin cancer, sports medicine and minor surgeries. As a water polo player for 10 years in Singapore, he developed a keen interest in sports medicine during his time on the pitch—and still plays water polo when he gets the chance! In his spare time (when he's not snowboarding), Nigel enjoys traveling and spending time with friends.

Nigel is fluent in Mandarin and conversational in Malay and Japanese. 

After diverse experiences in general practice and the military, I found my passion in skin cancer, sports medicine, and minor surgeries.
Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with skin, hair, and nail health, focusing on diagnosing and treating various skin conditions and keeping the skin in good shape.
Minor surgeries
Minor surgeries are simple medical procedures performed by your doctor to treat minor health issues like removing cysts or suturing small wounds without needing to go to a hospital.
Sports medicine
Sports medicine focuses on keeping athletes and active people healthy, treating sports-related injuries, and helping them perform their best.