Rebecca Longville

Tend Kingsland Medical Centre

Rebecca's nursing journey began at Massey University, where she graduated with distinction. Since then, she has gained valuable experience working in general practices while furthering her education with a Post Graduate Certificate in Advancing Nursing Practice. This commitment to ongoing learning reflects Rebecca's dedication to staying at the forefront of nursing practices and delivering the highest quality care.

One of the aspects Rebecca truly cherishes about nursing is the variety it offers. She enjoys providing everyday care to patients and building close relationships along the way. These connections are a special part of nursing that Rebecca values and extends through her work at Tend. She believes in creating a supportive and empowering environment where patients feel heard, understood, and actively involved in their own healthcare decisions.

When Rebecca isn't making a positive impact in her patients' lives, she loves staying active as an avid sportsperson. Whether it's playing tennis or disc golf, she embraces the physical and mental benefits of staying fit. Equally, Rebecca finds joy in spending quality time at home with her family. You can often find her engaged in lively board game sessions, accompanied by her famous homemade baking.

I love the variety of both people and opportunities to provide care that come with nursing. Every day is a chance to make a connection with someone and hopefully make a difference to their day.
Children's health
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