Rebecca Wallen

Tend Pakuranga Medical Centre

Rebecca completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2020 and since her graduation, Rebecca has been actively involved in community urgent care settings where she addresses acute medical emergencies and other urgent health issues.

Her areas of interest include emergency care, trauma treatment, immunisation, preventative medicine, and the management of fractures and orthopaedic injuries. She believes strongly in the power of community healthcare to educate and empower patients, helping them to prevent hospital admissions through proactive care. Her extensive experience includes coordinating nurse-led fracture clinics, where she coordinates care for patients with orthopaedic injuries, ensuring they receive the best possible management in a timely manner.

Outside of nursing, Rebecca loves travelling and ice figure skating. Additionally, she loves culinary adventures and can often be found trying Auckland’s top restaurants with friends.

Being a nurse is the most rewarding job as you provide care that makes a real difference to peoples lives.
Immunisations, also called vaccines, are shots or medicines given to protect you from certain diseases by teaching your immune system how to fight them.
Wound care
Wound care is the process of cleaning, treating, and protecting injuries like cuts and scrapes to help them heal properly and prevent infection.