Dr. Vimmi Thakur

Tend Pakuranga Medical Centre
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Vimmi is a GP with over 20 years of experience. She has been working as a GP mainly in the east Auckland area for over 8 years in New Zealand.

Originally from India, she is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and has a fair knowledge of Urdu and Marathi. 

Vimmi received a scholarship to complete her Clinical Diploma in palliative medicine with Totara Hospice. She is passionate about chronic care conditions, aged care and palliative care. She enjoys working in all areas of general practice and working with kids. She likes the multitude of challenges and problems to solve everyday and the long term relationships she gets to develop with her patients.

Vimmi loves creating things and enjoys painting to wind down, letting her creative juices flow. Her paintings often end up as a gift for a friend or family member! She also likes spending time with her niece and nephew and playing badminton. 

I relish the challenges and problem-solving aspects of general practice, and the long-term relationships I build with my patients.
Chronic health
Chronic health conditions are long-lasting illnesses like diabetes or high blood pressure that need ongoing care and management to help people live as healthy as possible.
Older people's health
Older people's health is about looking after the well-being of seniors, addressing their specific health needs, and helping them stay active and independent as they age.
Palliative care
Palliative care is specialised medical care that focuses on making people with serious illnesses as comfortable as possible, managing pain and providing emotional support to improve their quality of life, especially when a cure may not be possible.