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Need to get a medical for your drivers licence or pilot licence? We have you covered.
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Getting a NZ Drivers Licence Medical or NZ Pilot Medical is simple at Tend. Simply book in the app under services.

Drivers Licence medical (DL9)

When you apply for, renew or replace your drivers licence you may be required to complete a drivers license medical.  This confirms that you're medically fit to drive.

To book a drivers licence medical you must be enrolled with Tend. The appointment is 30 minutes and is done in clinic. You can book this medical via the app under services.  

Sam Wallace talking to Dr Mataroria

Pilot medical (NZ)

See our CAA approved medical examiner and get a medical assessment for your NZ pilot medical

The pilot medical appointment is 60 minutes and is done in clinic. You can book this medical via the app under services.

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