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Our skin is the largest organ in the human body. Looking after it is critical to a healthy life.
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Dermatitis, acne, verrucas, warts, cellulitis, abscesses, eczema, moles and benign skin lesions are some of the common skin conditions our doctors treat.

‍With New Zealand and Australia having some of the highest rates of skin cancers and melanoma in the worldwe take skin health seriously. Our sun is strong and our skin is preciou

Several skin health services are bookable via the app and we welcome both enrolled and casual patients to see our team.

Mole checks

If you notice any new skin spots that are unusual or changing they should be checked by a doctor. 

Our trained doctors will use a dermascope to look for any concerning moles or spots, checking for skin cancer.

We recommend a full skin check is conducted every 1-2 years, especially if you are fair skinned. If you have a history of skin cancer, these checks should be more frequent.

These appointments are done in clinic and take 15 minutes. At the conclusion of the skin check your doctor will let you know if any treatment is recommended. You do not need to be enrolled with Tend to have a mole check done.

Moles on the back of a male man

Mole removal / skin excision

If your doctor detects a concerning mole, they may recommend it is removed.

You can book in for a skin excision if your clinician feels this is necessary.  

This service is bookable in the app. Allow 45 minutes for this procedure.

Grid of 6 suspicious looking moles

Wart/verruca removal

Stubborn warts and verrucas often need a course of liquid nitrogen to be removed.

If your doctor decides you need a treatment of liquid nitrogen one of our nurses can do this for you.

This service is bookable in the app. It is called Liquid nitrogen (Liquid N2).

Wart or verucca on a hand

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