Sutures, suction and wound care

We can help with all minor surgery care from post surgery wound dressings, suture/staple removal and ingrown toe nails to ear wax suction.
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Care post surgery plays an important role in your recovery, reducing scarring, preventing infection and promoting healing.
All the below services are bookable via the app. Proper wound care is essential for your recovery. If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort or fever post surgery, book an appointment with a clinician.

Wound dressings and reviews

If you have had surgery, an injury or accident, you may require sterile dressings to be applied to the wound. This helps keep it clean, prevent infection, speed up the healing and minimise any scarring.

You can book in to see a nurse for a wound dressing or wound review via the app.

Wound dressing

Removal of sutures/staples

Surgical sutures and staples are types of stitches that are used to keep wounds together during healing. Your doctor will let you know when they need to be removed, timing depends on the location of the wound.

Suture and staple removal is a quick and painless procedure done by a nurse. This is bookable in the app.

Medical instruments to remove sutures and staples

Ear wax removal

A build up of earwax is relatively common; especially if you use headphones or hearing aids on a regular basis. If you are experiencing discomfort, itching, pain, hearing problems, tinnitus of vertigo then you might need to have it removed.

A clinician will use mirco-suction to remove it. This will improve your hearing and overall ear health. 

There are two appointments required, an initial removal and then a follow up. Both can be booked via the app.

Dr Mataroria checking the ear of a young male teenager
Ingrown toenail

Ingrown toenails are a common problem causing pain and redness at the nail edges.
In some instances minor surgery needs to be performed to alleviate the pain.

If your doctor recommends that you need to have surgery for an ingrown toenail you can book this via the app.

Doctor looking at an ingrown toenail with a magnifying glass

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Immunisations, injections & infusions

See a doctor or nurse for baby and childhood immunisations, IV infusions, steroid injections and travel vaccinations.

Injury and ACC

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